On this page I will put up pictures that for some reason emerged from my archive with a story.


Mario Soares 1969

  Mario Soares at the Labour Party congress in Eastbourne, England in 1969.
He was then a socialist-leader in exile - long before the revolution in Portugal.
©Photo: Rolf Adlercreutz




Richard Harris1969


Recently deceased actor Richard Harris in
London in September of 1969, over 30 years
before he plays the part of head-master
Dumbledore in the Harry Pottermovies.








Swedish medias interest that time - Richard's Swedish girl-friend Anna.

©Foto: Rolf Adlercreutz



Hundarna 1984



A picture from my time as a staff photographer on the daily Stockholms-Tidningen. The assignment was an exhibition of sculptures in a Stockholm park. The picture was later included in a collection for Swedens Picture-of-the-year-competion and was awarded a Honorable Mention. I sent the same collction to the World Press Photo and they had somebody make a post-card of this picture.
©Photo: Rolf Adlercreutz






Poliser 1976




On assignment for Swedish daily Aftonbladet I took this picture that later was picked up by the AP and probably became my most published picture of all time.
©Photo: Rolf Adlercreutz








Jerico 1965



After having done my military service, my mother, journalist Maud Adlercreutz, and I went on a 4 week holiday to Beirut. Once there we went for a week to east Jerusalem and the West Bank in Jordan. With the help of the UN we did a reportage for the newspaper Aftonbladet from a palestinian refuge camp outside Jerico where this picture was taken. I have since always wondered what happened to these kids, born around 1960, and living in deepest poverty. 15 years later I passed the same place. The camp was of course now empty and the small huts were all destroyed.



©Foto: Rolf Adlercreutz




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